political orientation or standpoint

Populism is the name of political movements. These movements usually make a difference between the common man, or the common people, and a political elite. These elites do not necessarily exist. The theme of populism is that the common man does not have certain privileges the elites have, or that he cannot do certain things the elites can do. The populist see themselves on the side of the common people. They want to help the common people get some of the rights and privileges of the elites.

Right-wing populismEdit

Right-wing populists take some of the values of right-wing parties:

  • They see immigration as good for the elite and bad for the people.
  • They are against globalization and foreign ideas.
  • They are against what other parties believe: In Europe, they often think, that European values are based on Christian ones, and that Islam, or its values are bad.

Left-wing populismEdit

Left-wing populists share some of the values of left-wing parties:

  • They believe in social justice
  • Often, they are against capitalism, globalisation, and social injustice
  • Unlike right-wing populists who want to exclude certain foreigners, they focus on including unprivileged social groups.

Left-wing populism is common in Central and South America.