Cuthwine of Wessex

West Saxon monarch, born 565

Cuthwine (5 September 565 — 13 November 635) was a member of the House of Wessex. He was the son of King Ceawlin. As the son of a West Saxon king, he was the Crown Prince of Wessex. However, because Ceawlin was deposed by his nephew who was Cuthwine's cousin, Ceol, Cuthwine never made it to the throne.

Crown Prince of Wessex
Tenure5 September 565 — 21 June 592
Born(565-09-05)5 September 565
Winchester, Hampshire, Wessex (present-day England)
Died13 November 635(635-11-13) (aged 70)
Paris, Francia (present-day France)
Burial5 December 635
FatherCeawlin of Wessex

Cuthwine and his father travelled all the way up to Dál Riata to live in exile as the king, Aedan, offered them a place to live in the capital, Dunadd. The following year in 593, Ceawlin died. Cuthwine left Dál Riata and sailed all the way down to France as he was offered a place in Paris by King Chlothar II.

Cuthwine continued to live in Paris for the rest of his life. He remained a strong leader of the Saxons and passing on the royal line through his three sons. In 635, Cuthwine died of a heart attack at the age of 70. His body was carried all the way back to his home in Wessex. Cuthwine's body was buried at Winchester Cathedral.