Dancing Beijing

name of the official emblem of the 2008 Summer Olympics, which took place in Beijing in the People's Republic of China

Dancing Beijing is the name of the symbol of the 2008 Summer Olympics, in Beijing in China. It was shown in August 2003 in a ceremony attended by 2,008 people in Beijing.[1]


The symbol draws on Chinese culture, showing a red Chinese seal above the words "Beijing 2008" and the Olympic rings. The seal is written with a calligraphic rendition of the Chinese character 京 (jīng, meaning 'capital', from the name of the host city) in the form of a dancing figure.[1] The curves are also claimed to show the body of a wriggling dragon. The open arms of the figure show China inviting the world to share in its culture. The figure also looks like that of a runner. Red, is an important colour in Chinese society, often meaning good luck.


The logo was created by Guo Chunning.[2] There was only one picture among the 1,985 entries givin by designers from China and others. Other entries included a lot Great Walls, pandas and dragons.[3] Other designers include Chang Wu (張武).[4][5]


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