Daniel Eberlin

German composer

Daniel Eberlin (baptized 12 April 1647 – died between December 1713 and 5 July 1715)[1] was a German composer.

Daniel Eberlin

Life change

Eberlin was born in Nuremberg. He was the son of Johann Christoph Eberlin and Elena Eberlin. In 1661 he became a descant singer in Gotha.[2] From 1663 to 1665, he learned to write music in Jena with Adam Drese. He worked for John George I, Duke of Saxe-Eisenach. He was told to go to Rome. Georg Philipp Telemann, his son-in-law said that he fought the Turks.[1]

Eberlin returned to Eisenach in 1671. He became a violinist and a composer. In 1685 he became the secretary of the mint in Eisenach. However, he had to leave in 1692. He went to Kassel, where he died.[1]

References change

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