David Michel

French film producer

David Michel (born 2 December 1975) is a French producer and head of Marathon Media. He created many famous television series. These include Totally Spies!, Martin Mystery and The Amazing Spiez!.[1]

David Michel
Born2 December 1975
Occupationmovie producer

Since 1999, Michel has produced several long-running animated series with Vincent Chalvon-Demersay (CEO of Marathon). In 2009, David produces an animated movie, Totally Spies, The Movie. It was based on the TV series "Totally Spies". The series was shown in over 130 countries. It was the most shown French TV series internationally.

The movie had a €5.8 Million budget. It was produces by Marathon Media, Studio 37 (owned by European cell phone company Orange) and Mikado. The movie was distributed around the world. The French theatrical release was scheduled for July 22 2009. In 2013 David Michel stepped down as CEO but still worked a Marathon Media.[2][2]

He is currently president of Cottonwood Media. It is a children's animation production company he created in 2014.[3]

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