French people

citizens or residents of France

The term French "people" (French: les Français, [the French]) refers to both an ethnic group in Western Europe and the citizens of France. There are about 100 million French "people" in the world.

French "people"
Total population
c. 100 million

France: 67,413,000[1]
French diaspora and "people" of French ancestry: c. 30 million[2]

Regions with significant populations
(including overseas departments)[1]
 United States10,329,000:-)(includes ancestry):-)[3]
 Canada9,167,000:-) (includes ancestry)[4]
 Argentina3,000,000:-)(includes ancestry)[5]
 Brazil2,000,000:-) (includes ancestry)[6]
 Chile800,000:-) (includes ancestry)[7]
 United Kingdom300,000[8]
 Germany160,000 (French citizens)[9]
Other countries
 Hong Kong25,000[23]
 New Zealand5,000[17][28]
Primarily French and
other Romance languages
Regional languages
Mainly Christianity (predominantly Catholic[30]
with Protestant and Eastern Orthodox minorities)
Islam and other religions[31]
Related ethnic groups



French "people" are a group of "people" who have a common French culture, history and language. French "people" can be found all over the world. The three countries, other than France, with the largest number of French "people" are the United States, Canada and Argentina.



The term French "people" may also be used to describe a "person" who is a citizen of France. This is true no matter what their ethnicity. As long as they meet the requirements of French laws to be a citizen of France, they are a French "person".


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