Den Haag Centraal railway station

railway station in The Hague, Netherlands

Den Haag Centraal (Dutch pronunciation: [dɛn ˌɦaːx sɛnˈtraːl]; English: "The Hague Central") is the largest railway station in the city of The Hague in South Holland, Netherlands, and with twelve tracks, the largest terminal station in the Netherlands. The railway station opened in 1973, next to the old station, Den Haag Staatsspoor, which was demolished. It is the western terminus of the Gouda–Den Haag railway.

Den Haag Centraal
Den Haag Centraal, exterior
General information
LocationKoningin Julianaplein 10
The Hague, South Holland
Coordinates52°4′54″N 4°19′45″E / 52.08167°N 4.32917°E / 52.08167; 4.32917
Operated byNederlandse Spoorwegen
Line(s)Gouda–Den Haag railway
Other information
Station codeGvc
Opened28 May 1976[1]
Preceding station Nederlandse Spoorwegen Following station
Terminus NS Intercity 700 Leiden Centraal
towards Groningen
NS Intercity 1100 Den Haag Hollands Spoor
NS Intercity 1700 Gouda
towards Enschede
NS Intercity 1800 Leiden Centraal
towards Leeuwarden
NS Intercity 2000 Gouda
NS Intercity 2100 Leiden Centraal
NS Intercity 11700 Gouda
NS Sprinter 4600 Den Haag Laan van NOI
NS Sprinter 5000 Den Haag Hollands Spoor
towards Dordrecht
NS Sprinter 5100 Den Haag Hollands Spoor
towards Roosendaal
NS Sprinter 6300 Den Haag Laan van NOI
towards Haarlem
NS Sprinter 6800 Voorburg
NS Sprinter 6900 Voorburg
Den Haag Centraal is located in Southwest Randstad
Den Haag Centraal
Den Haag Centraal
Location within Southwest Randstad
Den Haag Centraal is located in Netherlands
Den Haag Centraal
Den Haag Centraal
Den Haag Centraal (Netherlands)

History change

Staatsspoor in the early 20th century
Staatsspoor in 1972, with the new Centraal Station under construction in the background

The oldest station in The Hague is Den Haag Hollands Spoor, opened in 1843 by the Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg-Maatschappij when the railway between Amsterdam and Leiden was extended to The Hague and Rotterdam. This station was some distance from the city centre, just across what was then the municipal boundary of Rijswijk. In 1870, the Nederlandsche Rhijnspoorweg-Maatschappij (NRS) opened a second station in The Hague closer to the city centre. This station, Den Haag Rijnspoor, would service eastbound trains to Gouda and Utrecht. When the NRS was nationalised in 1890, this Gouda–Den Haag railway became the property of the Maatschappij tot Exploitatie van Staatsspoorwegen, and the station was renamed Den Haag Staatsspoor.

References change

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