Deo Surya Mandir

Deo Sun Temple under top 10 Sun Temple in india. Built during the 8th century by God Goldsmith Vishwkarma, Deo Sun Temple in Deo, Bihar is one of the most notable temples and a major crowd-puller in Bihar.

Deo Surya Mandir is one of the Hindu sun temples situated in Deo, Bihar. The 8th century old temple is believed to be built by God Goldsmiths Vishwkarma.[2] Sun temple at Deo in Aurangabad district is famous for ‘Chhath puja’ congregation. [3] [3] [4]

Deo Surya Mandir
Devark, Dewark
Deo Sun Temple
Deo Sun Temple
Coordinates24°39′32″N 84°26′13″E / 24.658791°N 84.437026°E / 24.658791; 84.437026Coordinates: 24°39′32″N 84°26′13″E / 24.658791°N 84.437026°E / 24.658791; 84.437026
LocationDeo, Bihar, India
Architectural stylesMix of Nagri Architecture, Dravidian architecture & Vesara architecture
ArchitectAccording to ASI. built in 8th century[1]
History and governance