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Devo is an American new wave pop music band formed in Ohio. Their best-known lineup consisted of Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh, Robert Casale, and Alan Myers. They had popular songs in the 1970s and 1980s. Devo had a big influence on the new wave music movement.

in Boston, June 27, 2008
Background information
OriginOhio, United States
GenresNew wave, post-punk, synthpop, art punk
Years active1972–1991
LabelsWarner Bros., Enigma,
Stiff, Virgin
Booji Boy
MembersMark Mothersbaugh
Gerald Casale
Bob Mothersbaugh ("Bob 1")
Josh Freese ("Josh 1")
Josh Hager ("Josh 2")
Past member(s)Bob Casale ("Bob 2")
Bob Lewis ("Bob 3")
Peter Gregg
Fred Weber
Rod Reisman
Jim Mothersbaugh
Alan Myers
David Kendrick
Jeff Friedl

Devo often used various keyboards (called synthesizers) in their songs, including the Moog synthesizer.

Their most famous song was called "Whip It". That song was released in 1980.

Devo occasionally performs concerts for the public.

Discography change

Line up change

Sextet Devo

The Sextet Devo performed only once in 1973 at the Kent State Performing Arts festival

Classic Line Up
Total Devo
(1987–1991, 2003-2004)
Devo (1996-2003, 2004-2014)

Neil Taylor, Devo's drum technician also performs when Freese is unavailable, and performed on the 2008 Australian Tour.
Jeff Friedl, drummer for ashes dIVIDE and Puscifer, has been performing with Devo on selected dates while Freese is performing with Weezer, and provided additional drums on the album "Something For Everybody".

"Hardcore Devo" (2014)

Bob Casale died in February 2014

Current (2014-today)

Josh Hager replaced the late Bob Casale. Jeff Friedl and David Kendrick filled in for Freese during a tour in Chile, due to Freese performing with The Vandals.

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