Didda (c. 924 - 1003) was the ruler of Kashmir. She ruled from 980 AD to 1003 AD. She also ruled Kashmir from 958 AD to 980 AD. She ruled for her son amd grandsons. In 980, she became an independent ruler. Most information about her comes from the book "Rajatarangini". It was written by Kalhan in the twelfth century. She was known as "The Catherine of Kashmir".[1] She was also known as "The Witch Queen".[2]

The Lame Queen of Kashmir[1][2]
Queen Didda's image on a coin
Queen of Kashmir
Reign980 – 1003
PredecessorBhimagupta (r. 975 – 980)
SuccessorSamgrāmarāja (r. 1003–1028)
Queen Regent of Kashmir
Regency958 – 980
Bornc. 924
Died1003 (aged 79)
IssueAbhimanyu II
  • Lohara dynasty (by birth)
  • Utpala dynasty (by marriage)
FatherSimharaj, King of Lohara

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Didda was a daughter of King Simharaj of Lohara. Her mother was the daughter of Bhimadeva Shahi. She was one of the Hindu Shahis from Kabul region. The Lohara region is located in the Pir Panjal Range. It is on a trade route between West Punjab and Kashmir.[3][4]

At the age of 26,[5] she married King Khemagupta of Kashmir. Eventually, Lohara kingdom became a part of Kashmir kingdom. It was the results of the diplomatic marriage. Didda had largely influenced on state affairs before and after she became a ruler. Coins having the names of Didda and her husband have been found.[6]

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