Dilton Doiley

Archie Comics character

Dilton Doiley is a fictional character in Archie Comics. Dilton is short and wears glasses. He is a genius and loves science. Dilton creates many scientific experiments that usually go wrong. Dilton is also good at solving the problems that his experiments create. An unnamed character similar to Dilton appeared in an issue of Archie Comics in 1942. During the 1940's, there were many characters that look like Dilton. His current image was established with an appearance in an Archie Comics newspaper comic strip. He has been named Dilton since 1950. Since then his name has been given as Dilton Doiley. He is the smartest student at Riverdale High School and is a good friend of Moose Mason.

Dilton Donald Doiley
Archie character
First appearancePep Comics #78 (March 1950)
Created byBob Montana
Portrayed byDaniel Yang (pilot)
Major Cruda (Chapter Three: Body Double, onwards) (Riverdale)
Voiced byHoward Morris (1968–1969)
Ben Beck (1999–2002)
Significant other(s)Betty Cooper
Cheryl Blossom
RelativesMr. and Mrs. Doiley (parents)


On the television series Riverdale, he is played by American actor Major Cruda.