Division of Tangney

Australian federal electoral division

The Division of Tangney is an Australian electoral division in the state of Western Australia. It was named after Dame Dorothy Tangney, the first woman in the Australian Senate. it was set up in 1974.

Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Tangney 2010.png
Division of Tangney (green) in Western Australia
MPDennis Jensen
NamesakeDorothy Tangney
Electors94,848 (2013)
Area96 km2 (37.1 sq mi)
DemographicInner Metropolitan
Dorothy Tangney

It covers most of the City of Melville and a large part of the City of Canning. In Melville it includes the suburbs of:

In Canning it includes the suburbs of:


Member Party Term
  John Dawkins Labor 1974–1975
  Peter Richardson Liberal 1975–1977
  Progress 1977–1977
  Peter Shack Liberal 1977–1983
  George Gear Labor 1983–1984
  Peter Shack Liberal 1984–1993
  Daryl Williams Liberal 1993–2004
  Dennis Jensen Liberal 2004–present

John Dawkins later became Treasurer of Australia (as Member for Fremantle). Daryl Williams, was Attorney-General of Australia in the Howard Government and Rhodes Scholar.[1]

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