Dragon (zodiac)

fifth of the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac

The Dragon (simplified Chinese: 龙, traditional Chinese: 龍) is the fifth part of the 12-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac in relation to the Chinese calendar. It is the only zodiac sign represented by a mythical creature, rather than a real-life animal. The Year of the Dragon is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol 辰, pronounced chen.

"Dragon" in Traditional (top) and Simplified (bottom) Chinese characters
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

It has been suggested by an academic researcher that the Earth Branch character may be related to scorpions; it may symbolize the star Antares.

In the Buddhist calendar used in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, the Dragon is replaced by the nāga. In the Gurung zodiac, the Dragon is replaced by the eagle.

Year and the Five Elements change

Sexagenary cycle years

People born within these dates can be said to be born in the "Year of the Dragon", while carrying the following elemental sign.

Start date End date Heavenly branch
23 January 1928 9 February 1929 Earth Dragon
8 February 1940 26 January 1941 Metal Dragon
27 January 1952 13 February 1953 Water Dragon
13 February 1964 1 February 1965 Wood Dragon
31 January 1976 17 February 1977 Fire Dragon
17 February 1988 5 February 1989 Golden Dragon
5 February 2000 23 January 2001 Metal Dragon
23 January 2012 9 February 2013 Water Dragon
10 February 2024 28 January 2025 Wood Dragon
28 January 2036 14 February 2037 Fire Dragon
14 February 2048 1 February 2049 Earth Dragon
2 February 2060 20 January 2061 Metal Dragon
19 February 2072 6 February 2073 Water Dragon
6 February 2084 25 January 2085 Wood Dragon
25 January 2096 11 February 2097 Fire Dragon

Chinese Zodiac Cat Compatibility Grid change

Sign Best Match Average Match No Match
Dragon Dragon, Monkey, Rat and Rooster Snake, Horse, Pig, Tiger, Rabbit Dog, Goat or Ox

Basic element of astrology change

Earthly Branches: Chen
The Five Elements: Wood
Yin Yang: Yang
Lunar Month: Third
Lucky number: 1, 6, 7; Avoid: 3, 8, 9
Lucky flower: bleeding-heart vine, larkspur
Lucky color: gold, silver, yellow; Avoid: blue, green
Season: Spring

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