Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins

1991 unlicensed Dragon Ball live-action film

Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins (known in Asia as Xīn Qī Lóng Zhū[1]) is a 1991 Taiwanese live-action action comedy fantasy movie loosely based on manga Dragon Ball, directed by Chun-Liang Chen.

Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins
Directed byChun-Liang Chen
Written byScreenplay:
Ching Kang Yao
Akira Toriyama
Produced byChun-Liang Chen
Kai-Ping Cheung

Chronologically speaking, this is the second live-action adaptation of Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball" manga (although an unlicensed and therefore unofficial adaptation), it came a year after the release of Dragon Ball: Son Goku Fights, Son Goku Wins (1990).



The earth has seven dragon balls, and each dragon ball has one to seven stars, and the seven dragon balls are scattered all over the world. When someone collects all the dragon balls, he can summon Shenlong. At this time, he can make a wish, and Shenlong will help you realize it. A certain village is holding a handover ceremony for the new village head, and the process also includes a town treasure "Dragon Ball". At this time, the alien Bull Demon King suddenly descended from the sky, led his men to break into the village, and successfully captured the Dragon Ball. Because the Bull Demon King knows that as long as he gets seven dragon balls, he hopes to control all mankind, and now he has got two dragon balls. So the Bull Demon King sent Sparta and Maria to search for the five Dragon Balls scattered in other places in order to realize his dream of conquering the world. Bull Demon King's subordinates found the four-star dragon ball from Sun Wufan, killed Sun Wuhan and took the dragon ball away. Goku, who just met the girl, finds Gohan dead, feels very sad and wants to take revenge. On the way, they meet Leping and Oolong, and prepare to challenge the Bull Demon King with Guixianren. In the end, it was found that Sun Wuhan was not dead, and it was revealed that the Dragon Balls were all in the belly of the Bull Demon King. Wukong used the golden cudgel to drive the last dragon ball into the belly of the bull devil, thus summoning the dragon. So the daughter of the village chief at the beginning of the movie made a wish to bring everyone back to life, and everyone was happy.

Role name Actor Based on
Monkey Boy Chi-Chiang Chen (voice: Liu Xiaoyun ) Son Goku
Sparkle Tu Chin Son Gohan Sr.
Turtle Man Chung-Yu Huang (voice: Sun Decheng ) Muten Roshi
Seetou Jeannie Hsieh (voice: Lin Fangxue ) Bulma Briefs
Westwood Tung-Chuan Cheng Yamcha
Piggy San Peng Oolong
King Horn Ruan-Feng Su King Gourmeth
Zebrata Long-Sheng Jiang Bongo
Malilia Eveline Oranje Raven
Jen-Jen's Father Ying-Hung Chiu Pansy's Father
Jen-Jen Yi-Juan Li Pansy



The movie was mostly shot in the forests of Nantou County, Taiwan, with some scenes also shot in Thailand.

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  1. 新七龍珠, lit. "New Dragon Ball"