Dublin and Monaghan bombings

series of co-ordinated bombings in Dublin and Monaghan, Ireland

The Dublin and Monaghan bombings happened in Dublin and Monaghan, Republic of Ireland on 17 May 1974.[2] The Ulster Volunteer Force used 3 car bombs in Dublin and another one in Monaghan to kill 33 people and injure nearly 300 others.[2] The bombings were the deadliest attack in the Troubles.[3] It was also the deadliest attack in the Republic of Ireland's history.[4]

Dublin and Monaghan bombings
Part of the Troubles
LocationDublin and Monaghan,
Republic of Ireland
Date17 May 1974
5.28 pm, 5.30 pm, 5.32 pm; 6.58 pm IST (UTC+01:00)
Attack type
4 car bombs
WeaponsANFO car bombs
(26 in Dublin, 7 in Monaghan)
Nearly 300
PerpetratorsUlster Volunteer Force[1]
Dublin and Monaghan bombings is located in Central Dublin
Talbot St
Talbot St
Parnell St
Parnell St
Leinster St S
Leinster St S
Map of central Dublin showing the three bomb sites

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