ESTIA Institute of Technology

French engineering College

École supérieure des technologies industrielles avancées (ESTIA) is a engineering graduate school in France. The university is in Bidart. It is in a cluster of science and technology universities and Grandes Écoles.[1]

École supérieure des technologies industrielles avancées
TypeGraduate engineering school
43°26′46.164″N 1°33′14.364″W / 43.44615667°N 1.55399000°W / 43.44615667; -1.55399000
AffiliationsConférence des Grandes Écoles

The school was founded in 1985 to train highly qualified engineers, support continuing education and conduct research.[2] The five-year curriculum aims to train engineers who possess human qualities and knowledge in science and engineering. The school if partners of Groupe ISAE.[3]

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