Edwy of England

King of the English (r. 955–959)
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Edwy All-Fair or Eadwig (940/941 – 1 October 959) was the King of England from 955 until his death. Edwy was the eldest son of King Edmund I and Saint Elgiva. Edwy was chosen in 955 to succeed his uncle Edred as King.

Edwy All-Fair
King of England
King of England
Reign23 November 955-1 October 959
Wessex, England
Died1 October 959 (aged 18/19)
Gloucester, England
SpouseQueen Elgiva (annulled)
FatherEdmund I
MotherSaint Elgiva

His short reign as King was marked by conflict. He had problems within his family, the Thanes, and the Roman Catholic Church, under the leadership of Saint Dunstan and Archbishop Odo. Edwy died at the age of eighteen or nineteen, and was succeeded by his rival brother, Edgar, who re-unified the kingdom.

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