Eaman al-Gobory

Iraqi emergency physician

Eaman al-Gobory (Arabic language:إيمان الجبوري ) is a doctor from Iraq. In 2008, she received the International Women of Courage Award. [1]

Secretary Condoleeza Rice at the 2008 International Women of Courage Awards.(left to right) Andrea Bottner from the Office of International Women's Issues; Virisila Buadromo of Fiji; Valdete Idrizi of Kosovo; Farhiyo Farah Ibrahim of Somalia; Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; Dr. Begum Jan of Pakistan (behind Secretary Rice); Suraya Pakzad of Afghanistan; Nibal Thawabteh of Palestine (behind Pakzad); Cynthia Bendlin of Paraguay; and Dr. Eaman Al-Gobory of Iraq (second from right). The individual in blue on the far right is an unidentified staff member.


A-Gobory graduated from Baghdad Medical School. Then she went to work in Yemen, because she did not want to be in Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party in Iraq. She returned to Iraq in 2003, after the war started. She wanted to help the Iraqi people. [2]


At the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2008. (left to right): Farhiyo Farah Ibrahim, Eaman Al-Gobory, Wanda Jones, Begum Jan.

Al-Gobory is the National Medical Officer for the International Organization of Migration, an international organization that helps people. She helps Iraqi children get medical care in the U.S. and around the world. The children receive plastic surgery, prosthetic limbs and heart surgery. [1] The International Organization of Migration helped 300 men, women and children to go to hospitals in 19 countries. [2]

Al-Gobory also helped build the Iraqi health care system with education. She worked with Project Hope, Operation Smile, the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, and Operation Give. [3] She was also a senior advisor to Taha group, a member of the UNDC (Uniited Nations Global Compact), that helps with health and staff development. [4]

In 2011, al-Gobory became the Iraqi Director of Wamar Medical Services, a part of Wamar International, LLC. Wamar Medical Services works with NATO, the United States Department of State, and the International Office for Migration to bring medical care to Iraq and Afghanistan. [5]


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