English independence

political movement in the United Kingdom

English independence is a political stance that wants England to leave the United Kingdom and be an independent country.

The flag of England

Since the Acts of Union 1707 when it united with Scotland to make the United Kingdom of Great Britain,[1] England has not been an independent country or had any autonomy.

The idea of an independent England is very old and dates back centuries but it has grown in the last few years since Welsh independence and Scottish independence movements have gained large support. Political parties such as the English Democrats and English Independence Party have been founded in the 21st century and want English independence.

There has also been paramilitary groups, such as the English People's Liberation Army, who fought for independence. In 1983, the group claimed they were to blame for a parcel bomb sent to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's headquarters.

There have also been calls for an English Parliament, instead of full independence as England is the only country in the UK to not have its own legislature.

If England did manage to gain independence, estimates say that it'd have the world's 5th biggest economy and would be the 15th richest country in the world.


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