Eric McLuhan

Canadian writer

Eric McLuhan (19 January 1942 – 18 May 2018)[1][2][3] was a Canadian communications theorist, writer and media ecologist. He was one of two sons of Marshall McLuhan.

McLuhan in 2008

Marshall and Eric McLuhan co-authored the books Laws of Media: The New Science (1990), Media and Formal Cause (2011), and Theories of Communication (2011). Many people thought McLuhan wrote as a ghostwriter, meaning he wrote books under his father's name.[4]

His teaching experiences were in the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology Archived 2018-05-20 at the Wayback Machine at the University of Toronto and with the McLuhan Program International. He was Director of Media Studies at the Harris Institute for the Arts in Toronto for 17 years.

McLuhan died in Bogota, Colombia on 18 May 2018 of cardiac arrest at the age of 76.[5]


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