Eugenio Conti

Italian painter (1842-1909)

Eugenio Conti is an Italian painter.

Eugenio Giuseppe Conti
Francesco Filippini, self-portrait
Eugenio Giuseppe Conti

September 16, 1842
Crema, Italy
Died1 January 1909
Milan, Italy
Notable work
The boat turns the tip in Lierna Lake Como
AwardsAccademia Carrara di Brera

Life Edit

He is a son of doctor Bernardino and Angela Ogliari. He studied painting at the Accademia Carrara of Bergamo and had Enrico Scuri as his teacher; in 1864 he moved to Florence and studied with Antonio Ciseri, from 1866 he was in Rome to attend the National Academy of San Luca attending the workshop of Cesare Mariani he remained there until 1864. In his youth he was linked to the patriots Garibaldi's men. He fought in 1866 as a volunteer among the Garibaldini, performing heroic deeds, and was taken prisoner by the Austrians in Trentino, and was incarcerated in Slovenia, he could only return to his homeland following an exchange of prisoners.

Later in 1874 he lived between Milan in Crema and married his cousin Zoe Fontana, with whom he had four children, discovering the village of Lierna on Lake Como thanks to a family of high nobility, where he would then spend many years in holiday, finding in that environment the inspiration for numerous works.

Works Edit

He made paintings for the churches of Vaiano Cremasco, Credera, San Giovanni Battista and Santa Maria della Croce in Crema, for Palazzo Bonzi and villa Poma in Biella. He took part in the industrial and artistic exhibition in Cremona, in a similar exhibition in Turin and in the industrial exhibition Milan.

In 1901 he was appointed honorary member of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera.

Death Edit

He is buried in the cemetery of Sergnano: on the tomb there is a bronze medallion with the portrait of him made by the sculptor Alessandro Laforêt.

Conti will often be a guest with numerous other painters of a noble family in Lierna on Lake Como, where he is hosted to stay in the summer of 1908, making his last large work before dying The boat turns the tip in Lierna, painted En plein air from the terrace of a villa on Lierna, declaring it to be the most beautiful sight of his life. The work is now part of the permanent collection of the Civic Museum of Crema and Cremasco.

Museums Edit

Exhibitions Edit

  • Universal Exhibition in Paris (1878)
  • National Exhibition of Milan 1881
  • Italian general exhibition of 1884
  • Museo della Permanente, Milan 1885
  • Triennial Italian exhibition of fine arts of 1900

Bibliography Edit

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