High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

vice president of the European Commission for Foreign Affairs
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The High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy is a position created by the Treaty of Lisbon, starting December 1, 2009 (it was actually already created in 1999). The position is part of the European Commission.

Her duty is to be the face of European Union to the rest of the world, along with the President of Europe

The job is sometimes known casually a "the European Foreign Minister" but this is not correct because she is not a member of any government.

High Representatives:

  1. Jürgen Trumpf (acting, from Germany): 1999
  2. Javier Solana (from Spain): 1999-2009
  3. Catherine Ashton (from the United Kingdom): 2009-2014
  4. Federica Mogherini (from Italy): 2014-present