FC Politehnica Iași (1945)

association football club in Romania

Fotbal Club Politehnica Iași (Romanian pronunciation: [po.liˈteh.nika ˈjaʃʲ]), commonly known as Politehnica Iași or simply Poli Iași, was a Romanian football club from the city of Iași, Iași County.

The team was named after the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași. The team was founded in 1945. Its home stadium was the Stadionul Emil Alexandrescu, where it played in blue and white until being dissolved in 2010.

The club was created as Sportul Studențesc Iași by a group of students on 27 April 1945, and first received the name of Politehnica one month later (Asociația Sportivă Politehnica Iași).[1]


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