FC Politehnica Iași (2010)

association football club in Romania

Clubul Sportiv Municipal Studențesc Iași (previously called CSMS Iași) is a professional association football club from Iaşi, Romania. The club was founded in 2010[1] and currently plays in the Liga I. The team's colours are blue and white.

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On August 2010, Tricolorul Breaza merged with Navoby Iași and formed ACSMU Politehnica Iași.[2] Ionuț Popa was appointed manager and Grigore Sichitiu as executive president.[3] In the summer of 2011 the club was renamed to Clubul Sportiv Municipal Studenţesc Iași.

After many managerial changes, the club was finally promoted to Liga I after finishing 1st in the 2013–14 Liga II season.

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