1995 video game

Falcata is a Strategy game, developed and published by Gust, which was released in Japan in 1995. Falcata was one of the first games released on PlayStation in Japan, and for sure it was a strange one, the game is a mix between an strategy board game and a RPG game. In the game screen, the game draws a line connecting some different circles on a map, given a genuine and bizarre sense of atmosphere.

  • JP: June 30, 1995
Genre(s)Turn-based strategy, role-playing
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Story change

The falcata is a type of sword typical of Pre-Roman Hispania (the Iberian Peninsula, modern Spain and Portugal), similar to the Greek kopis or Nepalese kukri. The term Falcata is not ancient. It seems to have been coined by Fernando Fulgosio in 1872, on the model of the Latin expression ensis falcatus "sickle-shaped sword" (which, however, refers to the Harpe). He presumably went with falcata rather than falcatus because the Spanish word for sword espada is feminine, although there are other presumable theories. The name caught on very quickly, and is now firmly entrenched in the scholarly literature.

Gameplay change

The game is set in 1500 BC in a land with different cities and hostile tribes, that makes most of the people to travel to other lands. The goal of the game is to restore the land so the people can stop their endless wandering, and finally arrived to that land and that will end with the tribal fights. The player's character will be the hero to reach that? Only time will tell.

The game features 6 different parties that can be customized in their clothes and hair, all of them with their own stats. The gameplay is about going around those places and examine them, in some of them you will have to fight and then the game takes the usual rpg style with turns to choose the proper actions that the player wants his characters to do. But instead of fights he can also pay to avoid the fights, make pacts or discover relics, etc.

Description change

Manufacturer's description:

Set in ancient Persia, simulation strategy of all parties ploy Mujin movement intertwined with free will. Become the leader of the party up to 5 people, and nurture a character and fighting bandits or find items to explore the field, encountered, we will proceed with the sabotage to the other party at times, prosperity Asutoran city of illusion I will win.