Farid Suleman

American businessman

Farid Suleman has been the chairman (the person who leads the group of people that controls the company) and CEO of Citadel Broadcasting since 2002.[1] Before working at Citadel, he spent 16 years as CEO of Infinity Radio, owned by Viacom.[2]

Farid Suleman
Occupation(s)CEO and chairman of Citadel Broadcasting[source?]

In late 2004, Suleman was in the news for cutting Howard Stern's radio show from four Citadel stations[3] because of Stern's frequent discussions about Stern's move to Sirius Satellite Radio.

In 2007, he was put forward to get the Group Executive of the Year award by Radio & Records magazine. Other people who were close to getting the award included John Hogan of Clear Channel, Peter Smyth of Greater Media, David Field of Entercom, Lew Dickey of Cumulus, and Don Benson of Lincoln Financial.[4]

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