Swedish television series

Farmen (The Farm) is a Norwegian & Swedish television programme that aired for the first time in 2001. It is a game show.[1]


On Farmen, the participants "go back in time" 100 years, meaning that they go to work on a pre-modern farm. They have to do different farm tasks each week.

At the end of the week the participants go through an elimination contest between two participants.



Farmen started with ordinary people as contestants but there has been a second program, Farmen - Kjendis (The Farm - Celebrities). The celebrity version has five seasons already after starting in 2017.

  1. Each week each person has three roles on the farm, Storbonde (boss), førstekjempe/förstakämpe (first competitor) and andrekjempe/andrakämpe (second competitor).
  2. No one is allowed to bring anything from the modern world into the farm.
  3. At the end of the week the "second competitor" has to choose between six different competitions which the first and second competitor has to compete in to see who leaves and stays on the farm.


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