First-class cricket

cricket played at the highest international or domestic standard

First-class cricket is the highest-standard international/domestic matches in cricket.

Definition change

A first-class match is one of three or more days' scheduled duration between two sides of eleven players each. It is officially adjudged to be worthy of the status by virtue of the standard of the competing teams. Matches must allow for the teams to play two innings each, although in practice a team might play only one innings or none at all.

First-class cricket, along with historical single-wicket and modern limited-overs forms, is one of the highest-standard forms of cricket. The etymology of "first-class cricket" is unknown, but it was used loosely before it acquired official status in 1895, following a meeting of leading English clubs. At a meeting of the Imperial Cricket Conference (ICC) in 1947, it was formally defined on a global basis. A significant omission of the ICC ruling was any attempt to define first-class cricket retrospectively. That has left historians, and especially statisticians, with the problem of how to categorise earlier matches, especially those played in Great Britain before 1895. The solution put forward by the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians (ACS) is to classify all pre-1895 matches of a high standard as important matches.

Test cricket change

Test cricket is the highest standard of cricket. It is a form of first-class cricket. Although the term "first-class" is mainly used to refer to domestic competitions. A player's first-class statistics include any performances in Test matches.

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