Fish farm

man-made body of standing water used for pisciculture
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A fish farm is a place where fish are bred. In most cases, this is done for food. There are two basic types of fish farms:

  • Those where the fish are raised in tanks
  • Those where fish are raised in specially prepared areas of the oceans, lakes or rivers.
Raising Salmon on the Faroe islands

The most common fish species raised by fish farms are salmon, carp, tilapia, catfish and cod.[1]

There are many problems related to fish farming:

  • Sometimes fish can escape. This is only an economical impact if the fish also occur naturally, but can have a big impact if they do not.
  • The fish in the farms need to be fed, for this other (smaller) fish need to be raised.
  • Diseases and parasites may be a problem, because they spread much easier
  • Fish farms have a bad effect on the surrounding habitat

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