Flash Gordon (album)

1980 original soundtrack album by Queen

Flash Gordon is a 1980 album by English rock band Queen. It is the soundtrack album to the science fiction movie Flash Gordon.

Flash Gordon
Soundtrack album by
Released8 December 1980
RecordedFebruary–March; October–November 1980
StudioThe Town House, the Music Center, and Advision, West London
Length35:11 (LP and remastered 2011 CD)
41:54 (1991 Hollywood Records reissue CD)
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The Game
Flash Gordon
Greatest Hits
Singles from Flash Gordon
  1. "Flash"
    Released: 24 November 1980

Track listing change

  1. Flash's Theme
  2. In the Space Capsule
  3. Ming's Theme
  4. The Ring
  5. Football Fight
  6. In the Death Cell
  7. Execution of Flash
  8. The Kiss
  9. Arboria
  10. Escape from the Swamp
  11. Flash to the Rescue
  12. Vultan's Theme
  13. Battle Theme
  14. The Wedding March
  15. Marriage of Dale And Ming
  16. Crash Dive on Mingo City
  17. Flash's Theme Reprise
  18. The Hero