river in Italy
Coordinates: 43°55′25″N 12°54′5″E / 43.92361°N 12.90139°E / 43.92361; 12.90139

The Foglia is the northernmost river of the Marche region of Italy.

The Foglia in Pesaro
The Foglia in Pesaro
Country  Italy
Regions Tuscany, Marche
Provinces Arezzo, Pesaro and Urbino
City Pesaro
Source Apennines
 - location near Sestino, Arezzo, Italy
 - elevation 980 m (3,215 ft)
 - coordinates 43°41′43″N 12°14′37″E / 43.69528°N 12.24361°E / 43.69528; 12.24361
Mouth Adriatic Sea
 - location Pesaro, Pesaro and Urbino, Italy
 - elevation m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 43°55′25″N 12°54′5″E / 43.92361°N 12.90139°E / 43.92361; 12.90139
Length 90 km (56 mi)
 - average 17 /s (600 cu ft/s)

In ancient times it was known as Pisaurus,[1] as it flows into the Adriatic Sea at Pisaurum (modern Pesaro), the last important trading centre along the river. It was also known as the Isaurus;[2] word that is kept in the name of the comune Belforte all'Isauro.


The Foglia river has a length of about 90 km (55.9 mi). Its first 11 km (6.8 mi) are in Tuscany.[3]

Its tributaries are only small streams.


The sources of the Foglia is are in the province of Arezzo (Tuscany), near Sasso Aguzzo, a hill between the comuni of Sestino and Badia Tedalda, at an altitude of about 980 m (3,215 ft).

Then it flows east trough the comuni Sestino, Piandimeleto, Lunano, Sassocorvaro (where a dam forms an artificial lake called Lake of Mercatale), Auditore, Montecalvo in Foglia, Vallefoglia, Montelabbate and, near the mouth, Pesaro.

Two comuni have, in their names, the name of the riverː Montecalvo in Foglia and Vallefoglia.


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