List of rivers of Italy

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This is a list of rivers, which are at least partially in Italy. They are organized according to what body of water they drain into, with the exceptions of Sicily and Sardinia, which are listed separately.

Draining into the North SeaEdit

Draining into the Black SeaEdit

  • Drava (a short section in Italy)
  • Slizza (three-quarters in Italy, a quarter in Austria)
The Slizza drains into the Drava via the Gail in Austria.
  • Spöl (half in Italy, half in Switzerland)

Draining into the Adriatic SeaEdit

Tributaries of the AdigeEdit

Tributaries of the PoEdit

The tributaries of the Po River are organized into right- and left-hand tributaries. The lists are ordered from the river closest to the source of the Po to the river closest to the mouth of the Po.

Right-hand tributariesEdit

Left-hand tributariesEdit

  • Caffaro (The Caffaro enters Lake Idro which empties into the Chiese.)
  • Re di Anfo (The Re di Anfo enters Lake Idro which empties into the Chiese.)

Rivers draining into Lake MaggioreEdit

  • Isorno (partly in Switzerland)

Rivers draining into Lake ComoEdit

Draining into the Ionian SeaEdit

Draining into the Tyrrhenian SeaEdit

Tributaries of the TiberEdit

Draining into the Ligurian SeaEdit

Rivers of SicilyEdit

Rivers of SardiniaEdit

List by letterEdit