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The Velino is a river in central Italy that flows through the Lazio and Umbria regions but flows mainly through the Lazio region. It is the main tributary of the Nera river which is tributary of the Tiber river.

The river Velino in Rieti
The river Velino in Rieti.
Country Italy
Regions Lazio, Umbria
Provinces Rieti, Terni
Comuni Antrodoco, Castel Sant'Angelo, Cittaducale
 - left Salto, Turano
Cities Rieti, Terni
Source Monte Pozzoni
 - location Cittareale, Rieti, Lazio, Italy
 - elevation 1,667 m (5,469 ft)
 - coordinates 42°39′15″N 13°9′40″E / 42.65417°N 13.16111°E / 42.65417; 13.16111
Confluence Nera
 - location Terni, Umbria, Italy
 - coordinates 42°33′13″N 12°42′49″E / 42.55361°N 12.71361°E / 42.55361; 12.71361
Length 90 km (56 mi)
Basin 2,238 km² (864 sq mi)
 - average 60 /s (2,119 cu ft/s)
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The Velino river has a length of 90 km (56 mi), and a drainage basin with an area of approximately 2,238 km2 (864 sq mi).[1]


The Velino river starts on the sides of the Monte Pozzoni at an elevation of about 1,667 m (5,469 ft), in the comune of Cittareale, Province of Rieti, Lazio.[2]

The river flows first to the south through the comuni of Cittareale and Posta and goes into a narrow valley with the Monte Terminillo to the west and the Monte Giano to the east; after about 15 km (9 mi), it leaves the valley and gets in the Antrodoco comune. The river then turns to the west and flow through the comuni of Borgo Velino and Castel Sant'Angelo. Then the river gets the water of the "Peschiera Springs".

After getting into the Piana Reatina ("Plain of Rieti"), an important valley, the river flows through the city of Rieti. At the end of the plain, the Velino river joins the Nera river and forms the Cascate delle Marmore falls.

Main tributariesEdit

Only the tributaries coming from the left of the Velino are of some importance; those coming from the right are small streams.

Left tributaries:

  • Salto - 55 km
  • Turano - 70 km


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