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Coordinates: 44°04′N 12°34′E / 44.067°N 12.567°E / 44.067; 12.567

The Marecchia (Latin: Ariminus) is a river of the Emilia-Romagna region. The city of Rimini gets its name from the Latin name of the river.

Mouth of the Marecchia in Rivabella! Rimini
Mouth of the Marecchia in Rivabella
Country Italy
Regions Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna
Provinces Arezzo, Rimini
Comuni Badia Tedalda, Casteldelci, Verucchio, Rimini
 - left Senatello
 - right Massa, San Marino, Ausa
City Rimini
Source Alpe della Luna
 - location Badia Tedalda, Arezzo, Italy
 - elevation 1,454 m (4,770 ft)
 - coordinates 43°41′20″N 12°8′32″W / 43.68889°N 12.14222°W / 43.68889; -12.14222
Mouth Adriatic Sea
 - location Rimini, Rimini, Italy
 - coordinates 44°04′N 12°34′E / 44.067°N 12.567°E / 44.067; 12.567
Length 70 km (43 mi)
Basin 500 km² (193 sq mi)
Discharge for Pietracuta
 - average 11 /s (388 cu ft/s)
Map of the Marecchia river
Map of the Marecchia river
Wikimedia Commons: Marecchia river

Its low course marks the end of the Padan Plain (Italian: Pianura Padana).


The Marecchia river has a length of 70 km (43 mi), and a drainage basin with an area of approximately 500 km2 (193 sq mi).[1]

Its discharge (volume of water which passes through a section of the river per unit of time) depends of the season: in the autumn could be as high as 1,200 m3/s (42,000 cu ft/s) but is very low during summer. Most of the time, the discharge is about 11 m3/s (390 cu ft/s).


The Marecchia river flows through a valley named after it, Valmarecchia. The river starts at about 1 km (0.6 mi) west of Viamaggio (comune of Pieve Santo Stefano) and about 4 km (2.5 mi) southwest of the comune of Badia Tedalda, in the province of Arezzo (Tuscany), in the Alpe della Luna at an elevation of 1,454 m (4,770.3 ft) above sea level.

At about 3 km (1.9 mi) to the northeast of Badia Tedalda, the river gets into the Emilia-Romagna region, in the Casteldelci comune, province of Rimini. Then it flows through Ca 'Raffaello, an exclave of Badia Tedalda; to the north of here, the Senatello river flows into the Marecchia as a left tributary. Later, in Ponte Masa, the Masa river flows from the right into the Marecchia.

Shortly after Torello, the San Marino river flows as a right tributary and, after the Verucchio comune, the Ausa flows also from the right.

Between the frazioni (Italian subdivisions of a municipality) of Rivabella and San Giuliano, in Rimini, the Marecchia river ends in the Adriatic Sea.

The Bridge of Tiberius (Italian: Ponte di Tiberio) or Bridge of Augustus (Latin: Pons Augustus) is a Roman bridge in Rimini. Its construction began in times of Augustus but was finished in 20 AD in times of Tiberius.

Main tributariesEdit

The tributaries of the Marecchia river are:

Left tributaries:

  • Senatello

Right tributaries:

  • Massa
  • San Marino
  • Ausa


View of Valmarecchia from Verucchio

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