Italian river

The Liri is one of the main rivers in central Italy that flows through the Abruzzo and Lazio regions. It flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea under the name Garigliano.

Country Italy
Regions Abruzzo, Lazio
Provinces L'Aquila, Frosinone
Comuni Cappadocia, Sora, Isola del Liri, Ceprano, Aquino, Sant'Apollinare
 - left Fibreno, Melfa
 - right Sacco
Small cities Sora, Pontecorvo
Source Monte Camiciola, Monti Simbruini
 - location Cappadocia, L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy
 - elevation 1,108 m (3,635 ft)
 - coordinates 42°00′10″N 13°16′59″E / 42.00278°N 13.28306°E / 42.00278; 13.28306
Confluence Garigliano
 - location Sant'Apollinare, Frosinone, Lazio, Italy
 - elevation 15 m (49 ft)
 - coordinates 41°24′35″N 13°51′46″E / 41.40972°N 13.86278°E / 41.40972; 13.86278
Length 120 km (75 mi)
Basin 4,140 km² (1,598 sq mi)
Discharge for Pontecorvo
 - average 50 /s (1,766 cu ft/s)
Liri-Garigliano watershed
Liri-Garigliano watershed
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The Liri river has a length of 120 km (75 mi) (158 km (98 mi) as Garigliano), and a drainage basin with an area of approximately 4,140 km2 (1,598 sq mi). The Liri-Garigliano system has a total drainage basin of 5,020 square kilometres (1,940 sq mi).[1]


The Liri river starts on the sides of the Monte Camiciola, part of the Monti Simbruini of central Apennines, at an elevation of about 1,108 m (3,635 ft), in the comune of Cappadocia, L'Aquila province, Abruzzo region.[2]

It flows at first in to the southeastern through a long valley, parallel to the general direction of the Apennines, until it gets to the city of Sora. Before Isola del Liri "Liri Island"), the Liri is joined by the Fibreno river and then it divides into two branches which then rejoin, surrounding the lower part of the town. One branch makes a 28-metre (92 ft) high waterfall.

A dam is built on the river after the confluence with the Sacco river, its main tributary, at Ceprano. The last important tributary of the Liri is the Melfa, with which it joins near Aquino. The river forms the border between Lazio and Campania regions and, after Cassino, it joins the Gari river and then it is known as Garigliano. After 38 km (24 mi), the river flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Liri river flows through 2 regions and 2 provinces. It flows through the following comuni, among others:

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The main tributaries of the Liri river are:


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