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The Aterno-Pescara (Latin: Aternus) is the longest river in the Abruzzo region and the one with the largest watershed, 3,190 km2 (1,230 sq mi) of the rivers that flow into the Adriatic Sea south of the Reno river.

The Pescara river
Physical characteristics
 - locationMonti della Laga
 - elevation1,200 m (3,900 ft)
MouthAdriatic Sea
 - locationPescara
 - coordinates42°28′11″N 14°13′47″E / 42.46972°N 14.22972°E / 42.46972; 14.22972
Length152 km (94 mi)
Basin size3,190 km2 (1,230 sq mi)
 - average57 m3/s (2,000 cu ft/s) at the mouth

The river starts as Aterno on the Monti della Laga (a mountain range in the central Apennines) flowing mainly through the provinces of L'Aquila and Pescara; it also flows through the Chieti but only for a short distance. In the comune of Popoli, the river is joined by the Pescara river and then flows into the Adriatic Sea in the city of Pescara.

Geography change

The Aterno-Pescara river has a length of 145 km (90 mi), and a drainage basin with an area of approximately 3,188 km2 (1,231 sq mi).[1]

The Aterno-Pescara river could be divided in three parts: the Aterno from its start till its confluence with the Saggitario river, Aterno-Saggitario till its confluence with the Pescara, and Aterno-Pescara till its mouth in the Adriatic Sea.

Aterno change

The Aterno starts in the Monti della Laga mountain range at an altitude of 1,013 m (3,323 ft), just to the northeast of Aringo, a hamlet in the Montereale comune. It runs through the Montereale canyon and flows, in general, to the southeast and flows to the south of the city of L'Aquila.

After the San Venanzio canyon and of the Raiano comune, the Aterno turns to the northeast.

Aterno-Sagittario change

In Popoli, the Aterno joins its main tributary, il Sagittario. For several kilometers, the river is called Aterno-Sagittario.

Aterno-Pescara change

Later, the Aterno is joined by the Pescara river, a very short river; from this point, the river is called Aterno-Pescara or, simply, Pescara, and keeps flowing to the northeast.

The river flows through the valley of Pescara, touching the low part of the city of Chieti and gets in to the city of Pescara where it ends in the Adriatic Sea.

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The Aterno-Pescara flows through many municipalities; some of them are:

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The main tributaries of the Aterno-Pescara river are:

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