Football League Third Division

English former association football league

The Football League Third Division was the 3rd division in English football. Its first season was the 1920–21. It would be brought back for the 1958-59 season. It was the 3rd division until the 1991-92 season. It became the 4th division in 1992, after the FA Premier League was created. It was replaced by the Football League Two in 2004.

Football League Third Division
Number of teams24
Level on pyramid4 (1992–2004)
3 (1920–1992)
Promotion toSecond Division
Relegation toFourth Division (1958–1992)
Football Conference (1992–2004)
Domestic cup(s)FA Cup
League Cup
Football League Trophy
Last championsDoncaster Rovers
Most championshipsPlymouth Argyle
(4 titles, including 2 in Third Division South)

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