island in Storsjön in Östersund Municipality, Sweden

Frösön (Frey's island; Swedish pronunciation: [fɾøːsøːn]; "fɾøːsœʏːa" in the local dialect, Jamtlandic) is the largest island in the lake of Storsjön. It is located west of the town of Östersund in Sweden, Sweden. On the island is the "Frösö Runestone". That Runestone is dated from 1030-1050 AD.[1]


The Swedish composer Wilhelm Peterson-Berger had a summerhouse on the island. In 1930, he made it his permanent home.[2]

Coordinates: 63°11′30″N 14°32′30″E / 63.19167°N 14.54167°E / 63.19167; 14.54167


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