Framlingham Branch

railway line in United Kingdom

The Framlingham Branch was a British rail line. It was six miles long on a single track. It went from Wickham Market railway station on the East Suffolk Line to Framlingham. There were three stations in between, Parham, Hacheston Halt, and Marlesford.

Framlingham Branch
East Suffolk Line
Wickham Market
Hacheston Halt



Work was allowed to start on the railway in 1854, along with a line from Halesworth to Woodbridge, the line opened on 1 June 1859.[1] The branch became part of the London & North Eastern Railway in 1923 and British Railways from 1948. Well used until the 1930s when passenger numbers fell due to the popularity of road transport the line closed to passenger services on 1 November 1952, and to freight on 19 April 1963.[2]


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