Funk metal

subgenre of funk rock and alternative metal

Funk metal is a subgenre of funk rock that fuses elements of heavy metal and funk. AllMusic has said that "Funk metal evolved in the mid-'80s when alternative bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Infectious Grooves, Mordred and Fishbone began playing the hybrid with a stronger funk underpinning than metal". Faith No More have also been described as funk metal that dabbled in rap-metal. Rage Against the Machine's mix of funk and metal not only included rap, but also elements of punk rock. Primus, a band that has never had a clear genre, have been called things such as "thrash metal-funk meets Don Knotts, Jr." Living Colour have been cited by Rolling Stone as "Black-funk-metal pioneers."

Certain bands not from an alternative background, such as Bang Tango and Extreme, have also put funk into their musical style many times.

Notable funk metal artists