Faith No More

American rock band

Faith No More is an alternative metal band. They were formed by bassist Billy Gould, drummer Mike Bordin, and keyboarder Roddy Bottum in San Francisco, California, USA, in 1981 and broke up on April 20, 1998. However, they got back together in 2009 and have continued playing since.

Faith No More
Faith No More performing in Brixton in 2009.
Faith No More performing in Brixton in 2009.
Background information
OriginSan Francisco, California, United States
GenresAlternative metal, experimental rock, funk metal, alternative rock, rap metal
Years active1981–1998, 2009–present
LabelsSlash, London, Reprise, Mordam
MembersMike Patton
Billy Gould
Roddy Bottum
Mike Bordin
Jon Hudson

They became successful with singer Mike Patton in the early 1990s. Their biggest hits were "Epic" and the cover song "Easy", originally from Lionel Richie.



So far, Faith No More has released six studio albums, which include: