Mike Patton

American singer, producer and composer

Michael Allan "Mike" Patton (born January 27, 1968) is an American singer. He is best known for being the singer of Faith No More.

Patton playing with Fantômas in 2005.


In 1984 when he was 15 years old he started Mr. Bungle. In 1989 he became the singer of Faith No More. Patton wrote all the lyrics for the band's third album, The Real Thing.[1] In 1991 Mr. Bungle released their first album, Mr Bungle..


In 1995 Patton released three albums. Faith No More's fifth album King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime was released on March 28, 1995.

Mr Bungle released their second album Disco Volante on October 10, 1995.


Faith No More broke up in 1998. Patton started a noise band called Fantômas with Buzz Osborne and Dave Lombardo. In 1999 Patton started Tomahawk. He also started a record label called Ipecac Recordings with Greg Werckman. Mr Bungle released their last album California on June 13, 1999.


Patton started the band Peeping Tom in 2000. He also joined Lovage. In 2001 Tomahawk released their first album. Patton sang on The Dillinger Escape Plan's third EP, Irony Is a Dead Scene. He sung on Handsome Boy Modeling School's 2004 album White People. In 2005 he released an album with Melt-Banana called Animali In Calore Surriscaldati Con Ipertermia Genitale/Cat in Red. In 2006 Patton joined John Zorn's Moonchild Trio. Peeping Tom released their first album Peeping Tom. In 2009 Faith No More got back together. Patton made most of the soundtrack for the 2009 movie Crank: High Voltage.


On May 4 2010 Patton's third solo album Mondo Cane was released. Patton made the album with a forty-member orchestra and fifteen-piece backing band.


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