Gabriel García Moreno

President of Ecuador (1860 - 1865) / (1869) / (1869 - 1875)

Gabriel Gregorio Fernando José María García y Moreno y Morán de Buitrón (December 24, 1821 – August 6, 1875) was an Ecuadorian politician who twice served as President of Ecuador (1859–65 and 1869–75) and was assassinated during his second term, after being elected to a third.[1]

Gabriel García Moreno
President of Ecuador
In office
August 10, 1869 – August 6, 1875
Vice PresidentFrancisco Xavier León (1869-1875)
Preceded byManuel de Ascásubi
Succeeded byRafael Carvajal
Interim President of Ecuador
In office
January 17, 1869 – May 19, 1869
Preceded byJuan Javier Espinosa
Succeeded byManuel de Ascásubi
President of Ecuador
In office
April 2, 1861 – August 30, 1865
Vice PresidentMariano Cueva (1861-1865)
Succeeded byRafael Carvajal
Interim President of Ecuador
In office
January 17, 1861 – April 2, 1861
Preceded byFrancisco Robles
Personal details
Born(1821-12-24)December 24, 1821
Guayaquil, Ecuador
DiedAugust 6, 1875(1875-08-06) (aged 53)
Quito, Ecuador
Political partyConservative Party
Spouse(s)Rosa de Ascásubi
Mariana del Alcázar

He is known for his conservatism, Catholic religious belief and being enemies with liberal strongman Eloy Alfaro. Under his administration, Ecuador became a leader in science and higher education within Latin America.

In addition to the advances in education and science, he was noted for economically and agriculturally advancing the country, as well as for his staunch opposition to corruption, even giving his own salary to charity.[2]

Moreno was born on December 24, 1821 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He was married two times. The Liberals hated García Moreno; when he was elected a third time in 1875, it was considered to be his death warrant. He wrote immediately to Pope Pius IX asking for his blessing before inauguration day on August 30.

Moreno was assassinated exiting the Cathedral in Quito on August 6, 1875. He was struck down with knives and revolvers, his last words being: "¡Dios no muere!" ("God does not die!"). Faustino Rayo assaulted him with six or seven blows of a machete, while three others fired their revolvers.[1]

Gabriel Garcia Moreno received Last Rites just before he died. Pope Pius IX declared that Gabriel Garcia Moreno "died a victim for the Faith and Christian Charity for his beloved country."

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