Game Over

American animated television series

Game Over is a 2004 American adult computer-animated sitcom created by David Sacks (who would later become president of Nickelodeon Animation Studio), produced by Carsey-Werner Productions and broadcast on UPN in 2004. It was cancelled after five episodes.

Game Over (the title was inspired by the phrase "game over" that commonly concludes video games) focused on what happens to video game characters after the game ends. The show recounted the lives of the Smashenburns, a far-from-ordinary suburban family that lives in an alternate video game universe.

The show made numerous references to video games and even featured certain game characters as cameos. For example, Crash Bandicoot appears on a Got Milk? billboard whilst creatures from Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee appear in one of the episodes.

Marisa Tomei voiced Raquel Smashenburn in the series' unaired pilot episode, but scheduling problems made Lucy Liu take over the role for the actual series.[1]

Game Over was heavily hyped by UPN before its debut. The series generally received positive press upon its airing.[2] Despite this, only six episodes were made, which aired on a variety of different days – the fourth and fifth episodes were broadcast on April 2, 2004 and the sixth episode ("Monkey Dearest") was not aired.



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