Gan language

member of the Sinitic languages of the Sino-Tibetan language family spoken as the native language by the people in the Jiangxi province of China

Gan is the language of Jiangxi and some others provinces in China.

Gon ua
Gan ua (Gan) written in Chinese characters
Native toChina
Regioncentral and northern Jiangxi, eastern Hunan, eastern Hubei, southern Anhui, northwest Fujian
EthnicityGan people (Han Chinese)
Native speakers
22 million (2007)[1]
Early forms
Language codes
ISO 639-3gan
Idioma gan.png
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It is spoken by 20 to 50 million people in southern China.

Gan has 9 dialects, and Nangchang dialect is representative.


  • Chang-Jing (昌靖片)
  • Yi-Liu (宜瀏片)
  • Ji-Cha (吉茶片)
  • Fu-Guang (撫廣片)
  • Ying-Yi (鷹弋片)
  • Da-Tong (大通片)
  • Lei-Zi (耒資片)
  • Dong-Sui (洞綏片)
  • Huai-Yue (懷嶽片)


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