Garlic bread

bread topped with garlic and olive oil or butter

Garlic bread (also called garlic toast) is a type of toasted bread. It is made of bread (usually baguette), garlic, and some sort of fat (usually olive oil or butter). Other toppings can go into the bread such as oregano, cheese, or black pepper. The bread is then toasted either in a oven or grill. It can be served as a side dish, or as a full meal.

Garlic bread
A common type of garlic bread
CourseEntree or side dish
Serving temperatureCold, warm or hot
Main ingredientsBread (usually baguette), garlic, olive oil or butter

History Edit

Garlic bread came from bruschetta,[1][2] which appeared in Italy around the 15th century, and could've gone back to Ancient Rome.[3]

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