Gene Simmons

Israeli-American bassist and singer

Gene Simmons (born August 25, 1949 in Haifa, Israel) is an Israeli-American hard rock bass guitarist and singer for the hard rock band Kiss.

Gene Simmons
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Background information
Birth nameChaim Witz
Also known asThe Demon
Born (1949-08-25) August 25, 1949 (age 73)
Haifa, Israel
Genreshard rock, Heavy Metal
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter, actor
InstrumentsBass, vocals, Guitar
Years active1972 - present

Early lifeEdit

Born with the name of Chaim Witz in Haifa, Israel, Gene emigrated at age 8 with his family to Queens, New York. His mother, Flora Klein, was born in Jand, Hungary. His father, Feri Witz, was also born in Hungary. He adopted the stage name of Gene Simmons in the late 1960s. He lives with his longtime partner Shannon Tweed and has two children, Nick and Sophie.

Kiss careerEdit

in 1972 Gene Simmons together with guitarist Paul Stanley are the band Kiss, Gene and Paul join the band the musicians Ace Frehley on guitar and Peter Criss on drums and vocals. One of the characteristics of the band were his outlandish makeup and costumes. In 1973 Kiss; Paul Stanley guitar and voice, Gene Simmons bass and voice, Ace Frehley in lead guitar released their first album Kiss", Gene composed the hit "Strutter" with Stanley, and "Deuce" two of the biggest hits of the band. Kiss recorded their second album Hotter Than Hell, released in October 22, 1974. In 1975 the band released the third album Dressed to Kill, with the theme Rock and Roll All Nite, the most successful of the band, written by Simmons and Stanley. Gene with Kiss, recorded with two of the best live albums "Alive!" (1975) and "Alive II" (1977). In 1976 and 1977 he edited two of the best albums of the band "Destroyer" released in March 15, 1976, and "Love Gun" released in June 30, 1977. Gene Simmons as the other members of Kiss released the solo album "Gene Simmons" released for sale in 1978. In 1979 he recorded with Kiss "Dynasty" a disc-themed disco. After the album Unmasked (1980), Peter Criss left the band, Gene and Paul chose Eric Carr replaced Criss, in the drummer. In 1982 he joined the band the guitarist Vinnie Vincent in substitution for Ace Frehley. With the newly formed launch the album "Creatures of the Night", Gene Simmons composed the theme "I Love It Loud" one of the most powerful of Kiss. In 1983 Kiss appears without makeup on the cover of the album Lick It Up, the band had changed their style of Hard Rock for the Heavy Metal style. For 1984 released the album Animalize, another powerful album of Heavy Metal. Mark St. John as lead guitarist, was incorporated in replacing Vinnie Vincent. Mark left the band in 1985 and was replaced by Bruce Kulick, who would maintain the lead guitar until 1997.

Kiss Azkena Rock Festival 2010

In 1989 Gene recorded with Kiss one of their best album Hot in the Shade, with two of the best tracks from the band "Hide Your Heart" and Forever. In 1991 the premature death of Eric Carr forced to Gene and Paul to seek replacements, They chose a young drummer Eric Singer, who had worked with Alice Cooper. With Singer on drums the band released the album "Revenge" released in May 19, 1992, an album that recalled the band's early records. They also recorded the third live album Alive III (1993).

After inviting former members of Kiss Criss and Frehley to record the acoustic album. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley decided, to Frehley and Criss will incorporate the band. Kiss original training again with face painting, leave and turn around the United States and the world. With the original Kiss recorded "Psycho Circus" (1998) a studio album after 18 years. Gene Simmons currently continue performing with Stanley at the head of Kiss. The current formation Kiss is Simmons in Bass and vocals, Paul Stanley in guitar and vocals, Tommy Thayer in lead guitar, and Eric Singer in drums.

Other worksEdit

Gene Simmons also turned to acting film credits include Runaway (1984), with Tom Selleck and directed by Michael Crichton, Wanted: Dead or Alive (1986), with Rutger Hauer, Red Surf (1990), with George Clooney, Wish You Were Dead (2002), with Christopher Lloyd. And appearances on television series as Miami Vice (1985), The Hitchhiker (1986), Millennium (1998), Third Watch (2004) and more. Simmons and his family starred in the reality show Gene Simmons: Family Jewels (2006-2010).


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Songs Written by Gene Simmons: Rock and Roll All Nite, I Love It Loud, All Hell's Breakin' Loose, Little Caesar, Flaming Youth, Strutter

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