Generator (Bad Religion album)

album by Bad Religion

Generator is the sixth album released by the American punk rock band Bad Religion. Although the album was recorded and finished in May 1991, it was not officially released until March 1992. 100,000 copies of the album were shipped.

Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 13, 1992
RecordedMay 1991 at Westbeach Recorders, Hollywood, California
GenrePunk rock
ProducerBad Religion
Bad Religion chronology
Generator 'Recipe for Hate

Generator was also the band's first release with drummer Bobby Schayer, who replaced Pete Finestone during the Against the Grain tour. Today, Generator has been remembered as one of the best albums to emerge from the early 90s punk scene, and one of the most enduring works of Bad Religion's career.

A video was made for "Atomic Garden". It is available for watching here. This was the first video Bad Religion ever released.

Track ListEdit

  1. "Generator" (Gurewitz) - 3:21
  2. "Too Much to Ask" (Graffin) - 2:45
  3. "No Direction" (Graffin) - 3:14
  4. "Tomorrow" (Graffin) - 1:56
  5. "Two Babies in the Dark" (Gurewitz) - 2:25
  6. "Heaven Is Falling" (Gurewitz) - 2:04
  7. "Atomic Garden" (Gurewitz) - 3:10
  8. "The Answer" (Graffin) - 3:21
  9. "Fertile Crescent" (Graffin) - 2:08
  10. "Chimaera" (Graffin) - 2:28
  11. "Only Entertainment" (Graffin) - 3:12