Genesee River

river in New York and Pennsylvania, United States

The Genesee River is a river of Lake Ontario. It flows northward through Twin Tiers of New York and Pennsylvania.

Genesee River
Čunehstí•yu•  (Tuscarora)[1]
Genesee River near Belmont
Map of Genesee River
CountryUnited States
StateNew York, Pennsylvania
Counties &
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CityRochester, NY
Physical characteristics
 - locationUlysses Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania
 - coordinates41°53′33″N 77°43′54″W / 41.89250°N 77.73167°W / 41.89250; -77.73167[3]
 - elevation2,275 ft (693 m)[2]
MouthLake Ontario
 - locationCharlotte, Rochester, Monroe County, New York
 - coordinates43°15′30″N 77°36′08″W / 43.25833°N 77.60222°W / 43.25833; -77.60222[3]
 - elevation243 ft (74 m)[3]
Length157 mi (253 km)
Basin size2,500 sq mi (6,500 km2)
 - locationLake Ontario
 - locationPortageville, NY

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    NOTE: Čunehstí•yu• is from the Seneca tribe name Chin-u-shio (Tuscarora language) meaning a beautiful open valley.
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