Gert-Jan Segers

Dutch political scientist and politician

Gert-Jan Maarten Segers (born July 9, 1969 in Lisse) is a Dutch writer and politician of the ChristianUnion (CU). He has been political leader since 2015.

Gert-Jan Segers

He has been a member of the Second Chamber since 2012 and a parliamentary leader since 2015.

Segers studied political science at Leiden University. He worked as an assistant to the RPF [1] parliamentary group and briefly as a radio journalist at the Dutch Evangelical Broadcasting (EO). Successively he was a missionary in Egypt for seven years, whereafter he obtained a masters in Western-Islam relations and the Middle East at the Johns Hopkins University. Afterwards he headed the scientific institute of the ChristianUnion.

Segers has written several novels and non-fiction books, and is also a columnist of the Dutch Protestant newspaper Nederlands Dagblad.

He is a Reformed Christian.


  1. The Reformatory Political Federation (RPF) is one of the predecessors of the ChristianUnion.